Sunday, May 13, 2012

Neon Peter Pan Collar Blouse - Same Old Chic

Black Satin

Code- NPP
Sizes - Small & Medium
(For size details please mail)
Rs 1300 Plus Shipping

For more information,pictures and bookings please mail

Same Old Chic - Black Sequin Collar Blouse

Code- BWSC

Rs 1300 Plus Shipping

Sizes - Small & Medium
(For size details please mail)

For bookings and further details please mail

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Launching My own Line - Same Old Chic

I will be launching my line 'Same Old Chic' one piece at a time, starting today. 

Same Old chic, because I like to cheat  sometimes, and wear pieces which don`t require much work, or accessories. Also, my sense of style is 'semi dressy', which for me just means to be well put together,but not look like I am going clubbing.

Dressed well without being over the top.
Effortless. Same Old Chic, as always :)

Also since the Indian summer doesn't allow for much of layering, pieces from this line will aim to be an 'outfit' in themselves. With girly dresses and skirts and elegant blouses.

I will try my VERY best, to have stuff below Rs 2000. Also I will soon have a system where YOU guys decide what some of my upcoming designs will be. Fashion Democracy of sorts :)

As I launch more and more pieces, you will also have the choice to mix and pick patterns and silhouettes that you see.(Like a fabric of a top?But want a dress out of it? Sure!)

Also I am trying VERY VERY hard to get COD on this line, it requires a LOT of paper work. As soon as its done, i`ll let you guys know. Till then you can pay through bank transfers/online transfers/send a cheque.

Also, this line WONT be on pre order(YAY!) max wait of 1 week, if pieces are out of stock :)

So I hope you guys enjoy this line, and the main thing is to have fun with it :)

Code- MSC

The first piece, of Same Old Chic is a variation of one of the bestsellers of the shop. The sequin collar chiffon blouse.
This is specially for the people who appreciated this, and also for those who wanted more sizes in it :)

Rs 1300 Plus Shipping

Sizes - Small & Medium
(For size details please mail)

For bookings and further details please mail

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