Thursday, July 14, 2011

Launching A Loyalty Programme

I have come up with a Loyalty Programme/ Discount scheme for The Classy & Fabulous Shop.

I would love to give a discount to all my loyal customers and readers! So, if you refer my shop to a friend, and they happen to buy something from me, you, yes YOU will get a discount on your next purchase!

Its really simple and here`s how it`ll work

  1. Mail me,saying that you have told your friend (their name, and where they are from) about the shop
  2. Tell your friend to mail me and say they were referred by you (giving me your name, and where you`re from) 
  3. Once I have this information, I will mail YOU telling you that you will get a discount on your next buy!

I hope you guys like this little idea of mine and will utilize it :)

For any further information or queries mail

I`ll be posting new products in a day or two, so do drop by again :) !

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